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My wife and I love old barns and decided to use them as a way to learn photography. Since we live in Kansas, we see these barns almost daily, but they are rapidly being replaced by newer steel barns. We love the character and personality of the old wooden barns and wish to catalog them before the disappear from our landscape.

We hope you enjoy the photographs. Please leave some comments and let us know what you think or even some photography tips. Remember, we are learning here!

Album: Beagle, Kansas Barn Beagle, Kansas Barn
This barn photograph was sent by reader Dwight Clark of Beagle, Kansas. Really nice. I love the belfrey on top. Thanks to Dwight.

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Album: Harvest Time Harvest Time
We took these photographs coming home from a family reunion in Harper, Kansas. Harvest was winding down in much of the state but we came across a crew...

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Album: Chad Beatty Photographs Chad Beatty Photographs
These are from an artist friend of mine, Chad Beatty. You can find his paintings and drawings here. This b...

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Album: January 2006 Barn Photographs January 2006 Barn Photographs
I found these barns on my way home from the last pheasant hunting trip of the season. I had left for home early to have some extra time to photograph ...

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Album: First Barn Photographs of 2006 First Barn Photographs of 2006
I've been itching to get out and find some more old barns to photograph. The weather hasn't really been very accommodating. Neither has my job. I mi...

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